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Energy Fitness & Dance is a class based fitness studio that offers the best Zumba experience in Green Bay.  Our classes are held in a large studio space, (with a 3000 sq. ft. dance floor) with a unique night club like atmosphere that is fun and friendly!  When the music starts the lights are tuned low, so you can feel comfortable just being yourself and get lost in the music!  You will lose your inhibitions, burn lots of calories, and best of all lift your spirits so you feel energized all day!


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Fitness is something we often put off for many different reasons, but when we are physically fit, the benefits within our grasp are mind boggling. 

The power of positive energy can be yours when you free your mind and body of heavy baggage - physical and emotional. 

Music has the power to free your soul from everyday stress and moving with that music releases your body so your mind can become clear and you can be in the moment.

Exercising to amazing international rhythms, in an inspiring and positive class atmosphere with friendly people puts it all together and makes fitness….FUN!!

That is the most important aspect to adhering to a fitness program.  When fitness is about having fun, it’s easy to make a lasting positive lifestyle change!





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